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Pet Friendly Accommodations

Please Visit Our Suites Page to learn more about our Pet Friendly Suites

We love our pets aka babies and so we make yours 

kindly welcome in our pet friendly suites at the Black Swan Inn. 

 We supply dog depots in the back yard for your convenience in picking up after your friend.

Please do not bring dogs that have barking/growling tendencies or that do not get along with other dogs, children, or adults.

Cat guests are also welcome! Your Hosts are cat lovers!

We compassionately request that you not leave your pet to roam the room unattended. 

Most importantly it is unfair to your pet to be left in new surroundings and can lead to damage to the room and stress to your pet. Crates are tenderly welcome.

We look forward to hosting you and all your loved ones.

There is no charge for pets unless you bring them without our knowledge.

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